National Civil Defence College

The First Disaster Management Training Institution of the country was founded on 29th April 1957 at Nagpur as the Central Emergency Relief Training Institute (CERTI) to support the Emergency Relief Organisation of the Government of India. This Central Institute organized advanced and specialist training for the leaders of Disaster Relief and Response operations to manage the consequences of any natural or man-made disaster

The conflicts of 1962 and 1965 compelled the Government of India to reorient its emergency training activities from natural disasters to those relating to protection of life and property, reducing damage and raising public morale during any war emergency. Hence, CERTI was renamed as National Civil Defence College on 1st April 1968. 

The Institute has been regularly training trainers from Central Police Forces such as ITBP, CRPF, BSF, CISF, etc in order to prepare their personnel for the organisation of National Disaster Response Force. Training for developing skills to deal with terrorist threats that may comprise use of Weapons of Mass Destruction is also being conducted.

Since inception of the college in 1957 the college has trained nearly 72,000 trainers which includes foreign nationals.


The Institute will be a nationally recognized Center of Excellence for All Hazard Responder Training for Emergency Responders and Security Services in India.


To provide a premier hands-on Training Center with realistic training to induce protection and safety of responders, the public and the environment in order to nurture a culture of responsive and preventive management of disasters.

Courses in National Civil Defence College

Foundational Courses

The foundational courses include:

  • Civil Defense Instructor Course
  • Auxiliary Fire Fighting Course
  • Basic Life Support Course
  • Un-exploded Bomb and Explosive Safety Course
  • Communication for CD Trainers
  • Community Disaster Preparedness for CD Wardens

Training of Trainers

  • Civil Defense Training of Trainers
  • TOT on Disaster Psycho-Social Intervention Course
  • Training of Trainers in Radiology and Nuclear Emergency

Disaster Management Courses

  • Management of Deceased Course
  • Management of Media During Emergencies
  • Emergency Operation Centre Management Course
  • Incident Management and Command System Course
  • Civil Defense and Disaster Management Course
  • Disaster Management Course For Senior Executives and Govt. Industries

National Civil Defence College
Address: Temple Rd, Dobhi Nagar, 
Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001
Phone: 0712 256 5614

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